Terms of Use

(Please read carefully)

Terms used but not defined herein shall have the meanings as described in the Global Share Membership Definition of Terms.

1) I am competent and of legal age to enter into binding agreements with Global Share Membership (GSM) under the jurisdiction of US Law.

2) I understand that as an Affiliate, I am not an agent, employee, legal representative, partner or franchisee of GSM or any of its affiliated entities. I further understand and agree that I will not be treated as an employee for federal or state tax purposes, nor for purposes of the Federal Unemployment Tax Act, the Federal Insurance Contributions Act, the Social Security Act, or any state unemployment acts, state employment security acts or state workers compensation acts or any state laws applicable to employees. I agree to pay all applicable federal and state income taxes, self-employment taxes, sales taxes, local taxes and/or local license fees that may become due as a result of my activities under this Agreement.

3) I understand that in order to become a GSM Affiliate, I will need to provide my EIN, CPN (Credit Profile Number), SSN or TIN to GSM if operating within the Unites States.

4) I understand that as an Affiliate, I will have the ability to offer GSM Products and Services to retail customers in order to participate and qualify for bonuses and commissions in accordance to the GSM Affiliate Compensation Plan.

5) I understand that, as an Affiliate of GSM, I am paying an initial one-time Affiliate Fee of $90 and may be subject to other potential fees related to services being offered should you choose to purchase such services.

6) I understand that the acceptance of this Agreement by GSM does not constitute the sale of a franchise or a business opportunity under state or federal law and there are no exclusive territories granted to anyone. I also understand that I am not acquiring any interest in a security.

7) I understand that my success as a Sponsoring Affiliate is dependent upon my own efforts and skills and maintaining your affiliation in good standing. I do not anticipate receiving income as a result merely sponsoring individuals without sales.

8) I understand that GSM will not be responsible for the loss of any points and/or bonuses because of errors or delays in completing my personal requirements and other requirements, if any.

9) Upon notifications to its Affiliates in an official publication of GSM or in a written document from GSM sent to me by electronic mail or text messages or alerts or by some other means authorized by GSM, GSM may, at its discretion, unilaterally and prospectively amend this agreement, the GSM Rewards Program, the Statement of Policies, guidelines, programs and offers with or from GSM (Collectively referred to herein as the “GSM Agreements”). I agree to abide by any and all such amendments and that my only remedy for not accepting any such amendments is to immediately terminate this agreement. The continuation of my GSM business or my acceptance of commissions and/or bonuses or other payments from GSM constitutes my acceptance of any such amendments. I agree that GSM’s interpretation of the GSM Agreements will be final and binding.

10) My violation of any of the terms of the GSM Agreements, Terms and Conditions, Compliance regulations and/or of the law in the course of my business activities may result at GSM’s discretion, in forfeiture of commissions and bonuses or other payments from GSM on all or part of my Marketing Organization, cancellation of this Agreement or other corrective action as specified in the Statement of Policies.  If this Agreement is cancelled or terminated at any time for any reason I understand that I will permanently lose all rights as a Sponsoring Affiliate, and agree to waive all rights and claims to my Marketing Organization and to all points and bonuses.

11) I understand that I may cancel my GSM Affiliation anytime. I understand that I will qualify for a refund of my Affiliate Fee if I cancel my account within 3 calendar days (72 calendar hours) of GSM processing my payment of $90.00. I understand that any GSM services and products purchased will have their own refund policies as stated by each product and service provider.

12) I consent to GSM and its affiliates or partners sending email messages, text messages, or notifying me by telephone or facsimile regarding services, products, business opportunity and other topics the GSM considers may be of interest or benefit to me. Standard messaging rates apply for text messages. Please consult your mobile service carriers’ pricing plan to determine the charges for sending and receiving text messages.

13) I understand and consent to being approached to appear in GSM’s publishing in any of its official material, whether print, audio or video, my name, photograph, city and state of residence, the amount of commissions, bonuses, recognitions and prizes paid or awarded to me. I understand that if I chose to appear, under my own will and agreement, in any of its official material, whether print, audio or video, my name, photograph, city and state of residence, the amount of commissions, bonuses, recognitions and prizes paid or awarded to me, I will be required to agree to the terms of the consent form presented to you by an authorized GSM employed representative and/or a GSM employed representative and I will be required to sign and date the consent form, pereach appearance.

14) I may not assign my rights or delegate my duties under this agreement to any person or entity without the written consent of GSM executive management.

15) I agree to hold harmless, indemnify, and release GSM, or any of its affiliated entities, it’s shareholders, officers, directors, employees and agents from and against, and hereby waive (a) claim or any claims and liabilities arising from or relating to the operation or promotion of my GSM business, and (b) any claims I may have for consequential, special or exemplary damages against GSM, or any of its affiliated entities, for any reason whatsoever.


20) I understand that upon accepting the GSM Affiliation, regardless of the type of Affiliation, I am bound by the terms and conditions of this Agreement. That my Affiliation may include a Debit Card for purposes of Bonus and Commission withdrawals and personal use; that is bound by, regulated and monitored under the Federal AND State agencies and other governing and monitoring bodies and I agree to abide by all the laws, regulations, acts, guidelines and rules set by these governing agencies.

21) I understand that as a GSM Sponsoring Affiliate I must satisfy and fulfill all requirements stated in the GSM rewards program to receive any or all commissions and bonuses due to me. I understand that it is my full responsibility to monitor, manage and organize my required monthly transactions and Affiliates for the purposes of qualifying for my rewards, bonuses, commissions and promotions.

22) I understand that should I earn rewards and/or be compensated in excess of $599.00 US Dollars within one calendar year, starting on January 1st and ending on December 31st, that I will be required by United States Tax Code and the Internal Revenue Service to report my earnings and that GSM will be issuing the appropriate tax documentation to all Affiliates within the United States and I will be required to provide to GSM, government issued identification for the purposes of accounting compliance and regulation set forth by the United States government and Internal Revenue Service.

23) I have carefully reviewed the GSM Rewards Program and Statement of Policies and acknowledge that they are incorporated as part of this agreement in its present form and as modified from time to time by GSM at its sole discretion.